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Jason Kearns | Owner & Stylist
Jason Kearns, owner, stylist and art director has been in the business for 30 plus years. Knowing the in’s and outs of hair, he styles his clients so they are always on trend. His work has been published all over the world, living true to the philosophy of “Its not what you say about you work, its what your work says about you”. Committed to his craft, Jason’s cuts are both timeless and thought provoking. His client’s hair is well cared for, allowing the cut to grow out beautifully time and time again as he creates life long relationships with his clients. His astounding skills and art direction are daring and push the limits, with each sharing it’s own unique story. Click here to View

Drew Williston | Stylist
Knowing what shape suits the client’s face paired with the desired style and maintenance, Drew’s charm and work are top notch. He takes time to fully understand each individual and their hair chemistry knowing that communication and attention to detail makes all the difference. Got a question about which product is best for you? Drew’s extensive knowledge of our products is unbeatable.

Ana Karzis | Master Colorist
Master colorist, a creative educator, and co creator of Aveda color. Ana is about the integrity of the hair, its condition and how color affects the tones of ones face. Ana is constantly challenging herself with her passion and techniques which all are reflected in her clients looks (consultations are the key to relationships!).

Erika Stone |
Senior Colorist
Her colors leave our clients gasping ‘it’s just what I wanted!’ and her professionalism keeps you coming back for more. She customizes color and understands what works for each individual. An honest and thorough consultation is the key to keeping hair as healthy as possible after a color treatment. Her expertise leaves our customers looking lavish and feeling great!

Azar Seyed Mosussavi | Stylist
Weather it be male or female, Azar’s versatility always leaves her clients with a smile and totally thrilled. She makes sure her clients are ready to set trends, not follow them.

Qasim Khawaja | Stylist, Curly Hair
Not only the funniest but one of the most detail oriented! Really listening to each client’s needs and focusing on what look suits each individuals personality and unique features. He introduces clients to products that keeps their hair at salon quality level. Weather its short or long, his cuts have movement.

Meladee Gammelseter | Senior Colorist
Meladee continuously creates custom color looks for her clients. She has a passion for current trends as well as executing classic looks. Her technical expertise encompasses all areas of color weather it be classic color, highlights, or balayage. Maintaining the health and integrity of her client’s hair is her number one priority. She wants everyone of her clients to feel beautiful in and out of her chair.

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